Wine and spring!

2020-03-27 15:59
Spring is coming, the grass is growing, the birds are flying and the flowers are blooming. It's a good time for friends to walk out of the room and into the nature. Outings and picnics are the best way to get close to nature. Beautiful spring clothes, bright makeup, delicious food and sufficient drinks are indispensable equipment for outing. However, don't forget to bring a bottle of delicious wine with you. Otherwise, how can you feel the freedom of "qingqigujiu taking advantage of pear blossom" in ancient poems? Let's follow Xiaomin to see how to bring wine to date with spring.
Best: sweet white wine


The author of the wine themed cartoon "water drop of God" once said: "when flowers are in full bloom, it's a good time to drink white wine." Indeed, the color of white wine is mostly straw yellow, golden yellow or fruit green, and the fragrance is mainly floral and fruity, while sweet white wine is easy to remind people of the warm sunshine in spring, which is suitable for drinking in the spring when flowers bloom and sunshine is warm.
Happiest: sparkling wine

Outing is a pleasant thing. How can we get less sparkling wine called "happy wine"? From the date of birth, sparkling wine represents joy and pleasure, romance and hi skin, and it is the only wine that can be used for hearty cheers. Choose a bottle of dry sparkling wine with low sweetness and proper acidity for the outing, which can not only successfully "tease" the taste buds of the donkeys, but also sweep away the moldy mood of the house after too long.
Classic: dry red

As the most classic wine in wine, dry red has easily "conquered" the taste buds of wine lovers in various countries with its gorgeous color, rich fragrance and mellow taste. No matter in the formal occasion of Wine Bureau or in the casual and relaxed outing occasion, dry red is always the most classic choice.

If you are interested in her participation in the outing, it will be very warm and versatile to bring a bottle of peach red wine. Although the color of peach red wine is not as bright as dry red, its unique rose, pink and other colors are more suitable for the peach red and willow green spring, and its aroma is mainly strong and soft fruit fragrance, less tannins, and the taste is not as astringent as dry red wine. It is these characteristics that make peach red wine more approachable. Sweet peach red wine with delicious pastry is easy to be loved by women.

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