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At present, Meideng shoes industry is developing steadily with its unique corporate culture and management strategy, and gradually becomes an internationally influential enterprise. In the development of Meideng shoes industry, we always adhere to the corporate mission, adhere to our cultural concept, strive to establish a reputation brand in the hearts of customers, and establish a "good but not expensive" product brand in the market. At the same time of creating brand value, we firmly believe that only by protecting the interests of customers, partners and employees can we enter into sustainable and healthy development and achieve win-win cooperation. Facing the ever-changing market, miden shoes has made continuous breakthroughs and surmounts, and has condensed numerous actions into the constant enterprise spirit - the pursuit of perfection. We encourage our employees to grow together with the enterprise, and constantly surpass themselves to perform a wonderful life.

The company not only has a strong professional product design team, but also has a group of ambitious people with rich business management experience to join in the company's management. Among the company's employees, there are a group of skilled, skilled and comprehensive technical team. This is a team of employees who create and win the future. They guarantee the design, superior quality and high-quality service of the products of "modarodo".

"Modarodeo" originated from the combination of Moda and rodeo in Italian ancient Roman mythology and legend. With Italian rigorous art design style and current fashion, modarodeo is dedicated to interpreting the fashion trend of the world footwear industry. Vision determines the future. In order to create a broad market space for sustainable development, Meideng Shoes Co., Ltd. has set up direct sales agencies in the first tier cities in China, to ensure that the "Modarodeo" brand has a long-term keen and quick vision and adaptability in information, market, consumption, competition and other aspects

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